The Ministry Council is responsible for the general oversight of the church. At Greenfield, Ministry Council members are elected annually at the June congregational meetings.

The current Ministry Council is composed of the following individuals:

Ryan Bubenko

Ryan Bubenko, Property

Ryan Bubenko, his wife Jennifer, and daughters Caelen and Kendal have attended Renaissance/Greenfield for roughly 9 years. They are thankful for a very loving church family, and look forward to many years to come here at Greenfield. Ryan was born and raised in the Edmonton area. He currently serves at Greenfield by playing music on Sunday mornings. His weekdays are spent in the residential construction industry, working for a company that provides interior stairs and railing systems. Ryan is an active member of the family taxi pool during evenings and weekends, ensuring that his girls get to and from gymnastics, dance, and piano lessons. When his schedule allows, Ryan actively avoids renovating their house, preferring to alpine ski and water ski with his family and friends. He is the primary walker and feeder of their Golden Retriever (Lynde), and appreciates dark chocolate, humour, and 1960s American automobiles.

Sheldon Gitzel

Sheldon Gitzel, Treasurer

Sheldon has been a Greenfield attendee since 1998 when his family moved to Edmonton from his home province of Saskatchewan (Go ‘Riders!). During that time he have served in several positions including care group leader, Sunday school teacher, and ministry council member. For the past 17 years he has worked as a financial systems consultant (think business and accounting software). His degrees (B.R.E. and B. Ed) are from Briercrest Bible College and the University of Saskatchewan. Sheldon enjoys a variety of games and sporting endeavours including disc golf. He has been married to Jeanette for over 25 years and am proud to be dad to Jordan and Kristin.

Pamela Hall

Pamela Hall, Clerk

Pam is married to Jim Hall and has two teenaged children; Josiah and Rebekah. Pam loves science and has been a Science teacher for the last 14 years. Recently she joined the staff at Edmonton Christian High School. Growing up in the church in a pastor's family, she learned early the importance of service in the church. She taught Sunday School for many years and is currently involved with the fellowship time at Greenfield. Before joining Greenfield, Pam and Jim were members at Renaissance Community. Pam believes that the church is Christ's way of reaching a lost world that desperately needs him. The church should be the mirror that reflects Christ's love to their community. Pam sees Greenfield growing in their intentionality in being the church in the community and looks forward to learning and listening as we move forward with our missional mandate.

Joyce Magill-Evans

Joyce Magill-Evans

Joyce Magill-Evans came to Greenfield from Renaissance Community Church where she and her husband Bob were some of the founding members commissioned by Central Baptist. She was Secretary (and member of the Executive committee) of the Board of Trustees for the North American Baptist College and Seminary from 1991-1997. Since the merger, she had continued teaching Grades 4/5/6 SUnday School; sang in the Easter choir, joined the Tuesday night ladies Bible study, and attends the monthly prayer meeting. She is passionate about her neighbourhood and has hosted a Christmas gathering for her neighbours for 18 years. She supported her husband in his time as an elder at Central and at Renaissance and he will do the same for her.

Kev Metcalfe

Kev Metcalfe

Kevin and his family came to Greenfield through Renaissance Community Church. Originally a part of Central, they moved over to Renaissance when it began meeting over 16 years ago. Being committed to a small church plant means you pitch in and do whatever is needed to get the job done. Aside from worship or tech work, he has done a lot of set up, tear down, cleaning, acting, talking, flipping (pancakes) and serving (as an elder). Renaissance, the church and the relationships, will remain dear in their hearts and they will cherish the memories for years to come. Kev has been married to Melody for 27 years and they have three kids; Mikaela (Mika), Nastasia (Stasi) and Aleksander (Leks). At the moment, he loves having adult and teenage kids; makes life exciting! Working for an international company, Kev enjoys traveling and experiencing cultures, he also loves watching soccer (Stasi), watching baseball (Leks), running, watching movies, and organizing.

Doug Miller

Doug Miller, Chair

Doug Miller became a believer in his late teens in Vancouver. He moved to Edmonton in 1983 and has attended different Baptist churches since then. He has served in a variety of Christian ministries including pretty much anything (with the exception of music). He has been on two mission trips and is our current Ministry Council Chair. Doug is inspired by seeing people receive joy by serving the Lord in their areas of giftedness. Doug and Karen have been married for 28 years and have three children (Lyndsey, Andrew and Alex). They have attended Greenfield since July, 2011. In Doug's vocational life, for the past 16 years he has owned and operated a software company primarily focused on solutions for law firms. In his spare time he enjoys dining out with friends, travel, reading, scrabble, chess and most other card and board games.

Brian Pohl

Brian Pohl

Brian is an office manager at Stellar Electrical. He has been married 11 years to Conni, and they have four children. He and his family enjoys reading, camping, cycling, and snowboarding, and Brian also enjoy golf and volleyball. He has attended Greenfield since 1993 and in that time has served as a childcare volunteer, youth sponsor, and usher. Brian is excited to serve Greenfield as a member of the ministry council.


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